Compassionate Mind Training (CMT)

Your mind is like a garden.  Compassionate Mind Training is about learning how to cultivate the kind of garden you want to have.

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What is CMT ?

Using the science that underpins Compassionate Focused Therapy (CFT), this training aims to teach you how to identify and understand your ways of thinking and feeling so that you can work with these thoughts and feelings in a constructive way.

We all have tricky brains! Sometimes this means that we get into unhelpful loops in the brain, going over and over scenarios (past or future) in a way that isn’t helpful and causes us to suffer. It’s not your fault that this happens, it’s just the way the human brain has evolved. In this course, you can learn about how and why this happens, and start to learn how to manage this.

The tricky human brain, capable of amazing things, and also prone to unhelpful loops!

Compassionate Mind Training help us

·       Understand our motivations and reactions to situations

·       Learn to take a balcony view of our emotions and actions so that we can start to change these when it would be helpful.

·       Find more helpful ways to deal with the pressures and stress of contemporary living

Sometimes, we can feel so anxious about something that we feel incapable of doing anything about it. This is really typical of human beings, and also in keeping with the way our brain functions. On this course you can learn about a model that helps us understand what is happening here, and then learn different ways of responding so that you can work towards your goals in a fulfilling rather than stressed out way.

Learn about the flows of compassion

Research has shown that most people find it easy to show compassion towards other people. However, we can find it a lot harder to receive compassion, or to show it to ourselves. Find out about your own reaction to giving and receiving compassion, and then you can learn how to cultivate compassion in your life so that you optimise your feel-good brain functions and relationships. 

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