Meet Prof. Gary O'Reilly

Preferred pronouns: he/him

Prof Gary O’Reilly is Professor of Clinical Psychology at University College Dublin where he is the Director of the Doctoral Training Programme in Clinical Psychology.  

Gary is both a practicing Clinical Psychologist and an academic researcher.  He has 30 years clinical experience working with young people and adults in various public health settings. He has produced numerous peer-reviewed research articles, book chapters and edited books.  

His clinical and research interests have always focused on helping people to understand themselves, and any difficulties they may be experiencing, by coming to know and apply scientifically established approaches in clinical psychology.  Gary adopts a compassion focused approach in his clinical work as it helps people understand the difficulties they may be experiencing in a respectful, helpful manner that develops and uses their autonomy and personal resources at a pace and manner that is personally appropriate.  
Gary can be contacted directly at or you can use the Contact page to get in touch or request an appointment.