Compassionate Mind Ireland

Welcome to the temporary home of the Irish branch of the Compassionate Mind Foundation.

The Compassionate Mind Foundation now has a branch in Ireland, working to support the Compassion Focused Therapy community here in Ireland through sharing information and facilitating learning events.

The committee members of Compassionate Mind Ireland are Dr. Katie Baird, Dr. Rachel Egan, Dr. Claire Atkins, Dr. Lorraine McGurk, Dr. Clodagh Dowling, and Dr. Roisin Joyce.  

We are pleased to let you know that Tally Knipe of Chandelier Events is organising a series of CFT training events in Ireland. This will allow Irish practitioners to develop knowledge and skills in the area of Compassion Focused Therapy without travelling to the UK. For more information, please click here.

In addition to these larger events, we are open to delivering bespoke training to services and teams on the island of Ireland. These offer the opportunity to learn to deliver CFT from the inside out. If you would like to discuss training for your team or service, please contact