Compassion Connects

Compassion Connects is an organizational and leadership consultancy service, with the science of compassion at its centre.

Compassion should be regarded as core to any organization that wishes to optimize their key resource, people, and thus their bottom line.

Compassion Connects was established to place compassion at the heart of organizations, in terms of their strategy, business planning and very fabric. This entails a core focus on trust and connections, including with the areas of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) and Sustainability. This will contribute to maximizing employee commitment, innovation, and productivity. Facing the world with sensitivity, wisdom and commitment requires skill and practice. A person-centered approach, based on the science of compassion, is the essential resource in the post-COVID world.

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Meet Shaun Adams

Preferred pronouns: he / him

Shaun is passionate about the world of compassion and the infinite opportunities that it presents. Shaun moved to Ireland in 2012, having worked in UK politics, and his experience includes the role of Director of Operations for the Psychological Society of Ireland. More recently, he was the Business Development Manager for Aspire Productions, a media production social enterprise working with adults with Autism. This experience opened Shaun’s eyes to all the potential and possibilities inherent in neuro-diversity, and in the wider spheres of EDI and Sustainability. Shaun also currently operates as Strategic Leadership Consultant for the ICCFT. For his full resume, please click here.

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The Compassion Connects logo was designed by the artist Sean Drew. Sean also works with Aspire Productions. Please click here for more examples of his work.

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