Meet Brenda Kirley

Brenda is a qualified psychotherapist, play therapist and supervisor, with an original training in applied psychology. Her psychotherapy approach is humanistic and integrative, incorporating creative techniques and embodiment work in addition to traditional exploration through dialogue. Creative processing is always optional/invitational; no creative talents are required, just a little curiosity about oneself.   This can include sand tray work, visual representations using art or clay, imagery work and sound/music work.  

Creative psychotherapy allows clients explore their thoughts, feelings and relationships in multi-faceted and layered ways, promoting insight and self-understanding and ultimately, self-acceptance. Embodiment work supports clients to gain a deeper awareness of the relationship between their physical selves and their emotional and psychological selves and to support an enhanced integration of the body-mind connection.  

Over the past two decades, Brenda has accumulated considerable clinical experience working therapeutically in both the UK and Ireland, with people across the lifespan who have experienced a range of challenging life experiences and traumas. Brenda holds a deep interest in Compassion Focused Therapy and a commitment to bringing it to a broad range of clients: adults and teenagers. She holds professional indemnity insurance to practice as a psychotherapist.

If you would like to get in touch with Brenda directly, you can call her at 085 871 1122. You can also email her at

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